The idea of myself writing (or blogging or even ranting to be more accurate) happened like a spark in busy morning while waiting for traffic lights turning green). Though, it got planted in my brain at that instant, i wanted to analyse why it happened and what are the factors leading me up to that…

Lately, i was being bothered with the way my time flies without able to collect some moments as fond memories or at least credit myself for the time, being spent. I guess, its a common regret among my peer groups as well (Mid-30’s, nuclear family with kid(s), career, city commute etc). What’s even more concerning was my son was growing pretty fast and i was sure before i blink he would be in school and will keep growing…

So, i was thinking what can i do to be in charge of my time (at least few hrs) as mostly it controls me 🙂

Thats why it occurred, What if i start writing about various topics with the view that one day my son will read them and it would be his dad’s letters written in past for him to read in future time. I was quite thrilled with the thought! Even, it would be exciting to read them say after 10 or 15 years by myself! So thats my idea of writing…

There are some benefits with this:

  • Writing isn’t easy, you ask any writer. We may have zillion things cooking up in our head, but the moment we want to put it in paper, it takes hours! Writing always helps to improve clarity of content and articulation.
  • Nobody can generate anything out of vacuum. Reading and lots of reading need to happen to write about anything. So, thats the biggest benefit!
  • There is continuous search to pick the next topic. So, we keep thinking and observe keenly around us.
  • Above all, no outside pressure, as i am addressing just one person (that too my son) and not infinite internet users. Its my thoughts and personal views to be shared!

My alter ego sarcastically told me to pick a diary and write if its so personal…

True, but i m living in technology era where its so easy to write/compose in computer and of course the content would never be lost as it would be backed up in multiple servers. Also, i have no idea at this moment, how this could change and i could become a mainstream blogger – so all options are open!

So, I m ready!!!


Just for my future remembrance, this idea happened at 18-Apr-2017, around 10 AM, Yemalur junction in Old Airport Road, Bangalore.